Saturday, August 18, 2012

Home Alone

The house is quieter and dinners will include much less French from now on. Yesterday, at 6am, our friends Michel and Nicole – the owners of this house – began their trip to BC. They'll be there to better their English until December. We all grew very close over the month and a half that we've been here and their absence was noticed right away. They are such kind people who always look for ways to serve others. They'd become surrogate Grandparents to the kids and even Lily had started to open up to them – which usually takes a lot of time.
Living with them has reminded us again of the beauty of community living. Whereas now we are a single small family living in a large house – before we were two families sharing a comfortable amount of space. We shared food and friends. We shared the good times and the frustrations of life. Very little is hidden when you live with others. It becomes easier to walk in another's shoes when they can't hide them from you. And in a month and a half we know these guys better than we know some people we've known for years. Thanks Michel and Nicole for opening your house and your lives to us. We have been blessed to know you this short time. Enjoy the West coast.