Saturday, June 25, 2016

Opening Gogmi Airstrip

Chad with Guera region shown
Swiss missionary Johannes Boucher called us in late 2015 very excited that 'his' airstrip, which had become overgrown and populated with new trees and ant hills, had now been cleared and leveled with all holes filled in. He was desperate to have us come and re-open the airstrip.

Johannes works in the Guera region of central Chad. He lives in the small village of Gogmi nestled amongst the rocky hills for which the Guera is known. With over 25 different language groups in the one region there is much need for dedicated people like Johannes to work alongside these people groups to protect their culture and language and ultimately to demonstrate the hope of Christ to them. I've been told that in the Guera you can have tribes living on different sides of the same hill who will speak completely different languages! The Gogmi airstrip will give these pastors, health workers and missionaries working in the Guera region better access to the capital.

Update: We already have a medical tour stop planned for Gogmi this month. Pilot Andrew Mumford will be flying in a doctor to visit the community and check that the health center is running as it should. Quick progress!

Rocky hills divide one language group from another in the Guera region.
Gogmi is in this valley over the hills in the foreground.
Looking West down the Gogmi airstrip - judging take off obstacles.
Pastor Gari Kodi, Johannes Boucher and Pastor Hissene Maïmoutou
work closely together in the towns of Gogmi and Melfi
Pastor Hissene helps me check the length of the airstrip
Lots of kids showed up to see what was going on
The Chef de Canton (head of the district) also honoured us with his presence.
As a thank you for the visit he offered me two roasted chickens and some
traditional donuts. However, it was Ramadan and eating them in front of
everyone would have been an insult so I took them to go. 


  1. This is a wonderful post. To see more places being more easily accessible to civilization and the Gospel is what I see MAF's role is about. What an invaluable ministry! I'm still waiting on the frequent flyer program tho!