Thursday, June 14, 2012

A place in Québec

We've got a place in Québec! God has provided in a fantastic way. Praise Him!

God provided this incredible place for us in Québec

As May was winding down, we found ourselves in the midst of some serious ambiguity as to where we'd be learning French. With MAF looking as far away as France or Switzerland for a solution we are thankful that we will be staying relatively close to home until the end of the year.

Ron Burdock and North Park jumped on their first opportunity to lean their shoulder into us after we were recently commissioned by them. Ron is the guy introducing us in the video from the previous post. Through his plethora of good connections in Québec that we eventually received an email from a newly retired couple in Charlesbourg, toward the outskirts of Québec City. They have offered their house to us to use, fully furnished, for the duration of our time in Québec. They will be there for July and August but then leave for BC to learn English. We will stay on and take care of the house in their absence. We've seen a few photos of the house and it looks great, toward the end of dead end street and if Google maps is to be believed, they have a small pool in the yard. God answers prayers and then piles on extra toppings!

We are arranging French tutors for us and it looks promising that Kaitlyn will be attending a kindergarten class at a school nearby. Not sure about Lily yet.

Tuesday June 26th is our official departure date from Ontario. We'll be in touch from the road. Google tells me it will only be an 11 hour trip. We'll see...


  1. Feel free to stop by Ottawa if your route allows! :)

  2. We are so happy for God's abundant provision for you at this time in your journey. God is full of surprises, isn't He?

  3. Sorry to say, but even with a house like that I'd prefer Switzerland :) Glad you're moving forward bit by bit and trust God will give you the gift of tongues for this next step. "Dieu t’a béni pour toujours"

  4. Allen & Lena ArmbrusterJun 29, 2012, 4:28:00 PM

    Bienvenue au Quebec !
    Very glad for you with the amazing housing provision !
    Impressive Blog -- well done!
    Every encouragement in the Lord !!