Thursday, March 22, 2012

The honour of partnership

Our latest newsletter is just out and this good news didn't make the press.
As of a phone call last night our target for monthly financial partnership has been reached! Our one-time amount for out going costs has almost been met as well.
It is a strange contrast, this idea of partnership. While in one moment we feel humbled by the act of so many to support the work in Chad and in the next we are honoured to be doing this on the behalf of those who are standing behind us. This strange pairing will likely continue it's delicate balance. At times we'll feel more humbled or more honoured as we experience the joys and trials of our work in Chad.
The thought occurred to me that, with the correct perspective of our place in the world, being honoured should lead to a greater sense of humility. It's the idea behind the old question, asked when something really fantastic happens to a person, "Why me?" This correct perspective compels us to consider the body as a whole and not the individual parts.
We look forward to keeping you up-to-date as events unfold and as our work continues in Chad. Please check back here for regular updates. 

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