Friday, May 13, 2011

On our way to Guelph.

Well I had posted about our recent camping trip in the pop-up camper but for some inexplicable reason it's been deleted...who knows...must be a conspiracy somewhere.
[Please it's back I just sound paranoid. The following is what I'd posted while thinking the camping post was deleted. Anyway...if you are able to follow that then you're doing better than I]
So I'll re-post the pictures but the 15 minutes I have before our plane departs for Ontario won't be enough to re-craft the previous brilliance and mastery of language (assume lots of sarcasm there).

We had the week off between being finished at Prairie and starting with MAF so we decided to make a holiday out of it. What better way to make that happen than to take off in the camper for a night. The campground wasn't picturesque and not really all that much of a big trip but it was just what we needed. If you're interested and live near Red Deer, Alberta, it's the Lions Campground in Red Deer located beside the river, just south of Parkland Mall.

So they just called for general boarding on our flight so I'll throw the pictures up and I guess it'll be good enough.

[See the pictures in the post below]

More from Guelph and the MAF orientation later.

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  1. You've spent too much time at the airport Phil (with conspiracies and such.) :) It looked like you had fun camping. We hope the Henderson's will have a great time in Guelph, God bless.

    The Rosen's