Monday, May 9, 2011

Moving on...

This weekend signified the end of our run at Prairie. In just under a week, we travel to Guelph, Ontario, to attend the candidate orientation for Mission Aviation Fellowship Canada. It has been 6 years getting to this point and it feels great to be here, looking forward with a healthy mix of excitement, anticipation and a dash of nervousness.

Looking back at my time at Prairie I can think of two things, among many, which I will carry forward with me. First is a sense of community and the importance of building it around oneself. The community which I found at the airport, both as a student and as a staff member, was instrumental in the growth I've experienced during this season. Merilee would attest that the community of young moms in Three Hills has been equally sustaining for her. I only have to look back to times in my life where I didn't actively search out community and I see the negative results of that passivity.

The second nugget that we will carry forward with us into service with MAF is that the notion that being content is an active decision and not a passive result of a situation. Contentedness is the make or break aspect of any situation and realizing that it is a choice made before ever entering the situation will help to sustain us in any situation. As fundamental as the vows made at our wedding are to our longevity, so the decision to be content in any situation is to the resiliency of our character and witness in the midst of anything life throws our way.


  1. We're so excited for you and the next step in Ontario. We'll be heading to Ontario for Candidate Orientation with WEC at the end of August. May you keep walking in His joy.

  2. Phil and Merilee,

    Just read your update! Super excited for you guys! Beth and I just loaded everything up into a trailer this morning to move to Minnesota to cross-train into a new program in our mission organization. I hope that these next few years of transition will be fantastic and full of new adventures. I think of you guys often and hope that all is well.

  3. Philip, beautifully said. I know exactly of what you speak with regard to community. We are equally blessed here. Contentment - I have learning to do with this one. So glad for you guys and all that is ahead of you.