Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Let's go camping.

Kaitlyn and Lily enjoy yogurt for breakfast in the camper.
Breakfast in the camper
We had this week off, before going to MAF, so when the forecast showed +20°C temps for the next few days I hooked up the pop-up camper (photo) and we were off. The first camping trip of 2011! It wasn't a long way away, it wasn't a really picturesque campsite but it was open before the May long weekend so we took it. And to be was perfect.

Only an hour away and still we had an ice cream stop! In my day...A few weeks ago, when the snow was beginning to melt, Kaitlyn first asked when we could use the camper and she hasn't let up since. We needed this too. I'm just off almost 2 years of work at the airport and we face a turn in the road in an entirely new direction. This was the much needed calm before the storm.

That's it...there's no deeper level...just plain old camping with the family. Although I suspect it'll mean more than that to Kaitlyn and Lily in about 20 years.

Walking the path