Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Arizona Trip

On November 24th, 2 planes with 5 students and 2 instructors left the familiarity of the Alberta prairies and flew south to the U.S. Our trip would see us go as far east as Liberal, Kansas and as far south as Tucson, Arizona. We planned for 8 days but needed 9 due to the combination of low clouds and high mountains and the effect that has on flight safety.

The three-fold purpose of the trip was to gain the experience of flying in the states, to visit various mission aviation organisation headquarters and to complete some of the school's required cross country hours. I was able to log 17 hours and complete my Transport Canada 300 nautical mile trip, along with both of my school required-650 dual and solo trips.

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  1. Hey Phil!
    Great video, it looks like you had a sweet trip. Did you see anything "unusual" at Area 51?

    Using Moby's Jetta commercial song was a nice touch -- it threw me into a half-hour "argh! where do I know that song from!?" frenzy :)

    Take care,
    Cousin Dave