Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Four months with no new posts!

Terrible...I know.

For those few faithful hangers-on out there. I have to thank you for persevering. Some things that have happened in the last few months:
I became a Father

Kaitlyn Elise Henderson was born on August 9, 2007.
She's now almost 3 months old and is a very awesome kid. Here are some photos. Merilee is a wonderful mother and it shows through Kaitlyn's relaxed, calm and generally pleasant demeanor. We know to enjoy that while we can, because before we know it, she'll be in high school and it could all be different!

I broke the 100 hour mark

As you can imagine, I didn't get much flying done due to the fact that Kaitlyn is so cute. I did, however, manage to break the 100 hour mark! I'm now at about 112 hours and well on my way through the long stretch to get to 200 hours. At that point I'll be finished the commercial pilot's license (which you need in order to find a flying job). Right now we're tossing a few ideas around for what to do after training. Some interesting options are: instructing, working up north somewhere (likely Ontario), or we even have our eye on something further abroad. I know that talk of that will make grandmothers weep and grandfathers cringe. Worry not, we're taking our time with this decision, so you can pray that the right option is presented clearly to us.

By God's provision through friends, family and even complete strangers, we've made it this far and completely trust Him for the rest of the way. Though it won't get us all the way to the end, the recent increase in design jobs has helped considerably with the cost of flight training.

We visited Ontario

Merilee's best friend Becky, from UWO, got married on Oct 5th, so we made the trek home to support them in that.
The trip doubled as a chance to introduce Kaitlyn to her vast and varied family. It was a refreshing break from our apartment, great to see everyone and throw all the kids in the ring together. But it's always good to be back here in Three Hills. Dare we call it home? A lot of the time it feels like it, and we like that.

Hope you'll hang on for another four months...maybe this time I'll actually have something for you to read. Honestly, I'm honoured that you're even taking the time to check this blog. Thank


  1. Hey Phil & Mer,
    Great to hear from you. Sorry to have been gone already when you were in Ontario, but we'll look forward to seeing you again after we're back from Angola.

  2. Don't worry, we still have your blog bookmarked. Good to get a post!
    -Jenny :)