Sunday, January 14, 2007

Back at it.

As good as the Christmas break was – and it was extremely good – we were both quite ready to get back here and into the routines of our lives again. This new year brought with it a renewed focus and determination to, as a friend puts it, "get this monkey off my back." If you're's his way of saying get through this aviation training with as little delay as is humanly possible. When training for anything, the more you keep at it regularly, the easier it is. And with aviation training, if you can cut out the re-do's on lessons, you'll notice it at the bank later.

Incase some of you were wondering about the planes we fly, here's a photo of C-GAUT tied up and rearing to go. It's a Citabria Bellanca made by American Champion Aircraft and its rated for aerobatics. We practice the maneuvers that are easily entered by accident during normal flight, and that's enough for most people. You can get your aerobatic rating if you feel the need to place yourself further into harms way.


  1. Hey Phil, I Like your Blog!!!
    I did one check it out.

    Jeff and Jenny

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