Thursday, December 7, 2006

Red sky in the morning...

...pilots take warning. A chinook is a comin'

This helocopter's been parking overnight at the airport for the last few nights. He works for the oil companies doing survey work or some such task. It has been the focus of much interest around the airport. Not to mention providing some inspiration for some of the students, especially when the pilot jumped out and we realized he wasn't much over 30.

I flew again today. This time I was working on my soft and rough field technique. In a tail dragger there is not much different about the take-off because they were originally designed for such conditions. Landing techniqe is similar too, only slower. I basic idea is not to stop on the runway while turning for take-off and come in as slow as possible on landing.

As I get more sophisticated I'd like to post pictures and diagrams of the lessons I'm currently working on; for you, who are interested, to keep up with.

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