Friday, November 24, 2006

Video Discrepancies

So I've heard, by way of various different souces, that some of those who watched the video of my solo flight were questioning the integrity of its timeline. It's been put forth that the takeoff, flight, landing and taxi shown in that short 4 minutes of video, actually came from several different flights. Frankly, I'm impressed with the accusation. At the same time, I don't see a problem with showing any part of any flight that happened that day where I was in full control of the aircraft.
In order to put the critics at ease, and in the name of honesty, here's a link to the other landing. This is the only other one that was caught on tape that day. Narrated by my wife, for your enjoyment.


  1. Who cleaned the seat out after that landing?

  2. Grandma is glad you are down as well as up!
    -- From Grandma (via Craig's acct)

  3. From Caroline: I love you!
    From Rachel: Good Job! I love you.
    From Anne: So proud of you Philip. After so many flights in Uncle Gorden's pregnant plane it is amazing to watch my little brother flying! So cool - good job. I think the video is almost as amazing - very nicely done. Thanks for letting us be a part of it.
    P.S. the Christmas list was great too! So talented :-)
    P.P.S. I love you too!